Green IoTaaS

IoTaaS for HVAC – Push your HVAC data to the Cloud with Green-Protocol’s IoTaaS.

IoTaaS for HVAC data shared with your HVAC contractor reduces Costs and Truck Rolls.

IoTaaS Managed Services

Green-Protocol IoTaaS for HVAC sensor devices push real-time data to our Protocol API. Our solution allows businesses with one location, many locations or worldwide locations – ┬áthe ability to see their HVAC costs, health, energy consumption, and share that data with HVAC contractors in real-time. IoTaaS for HVAC reduces costs and truck rolls.

Our Green Gecko IoTaaS thermostats push data to the cloud. IoTaaS for HVAC monitor and management systems.

  • IoTaaS for HVAC

    IoTaaS increases efficiencies and reduces costs.

  • Monitor Multiple Sites

    Easily monitor one, or hundreds of sites.